About Me


  • 中文名:翎麒
  • English Name:Lingki Chin
  • After 95


  • Lose the way


  • Travel
  • Play computer games


  • I won't:php,html,css
  • Currently learning:Linuxpython

About Blog

Simple narrative

  • Blog Built in 2018
  • Built on TencentCVM (Preparing to replace the server)
  • All images are hosted in Qi Niuyun to ensure access speed
  • Since I started building blogs, I haven't thought about adding ads, so this site always maintains a clean and concise page.
  • There are no ads now, and there are no ads in the future.
  • Currently guaranteed long-term updates


  • The time to start playing BLOG is probably July 2017.
  • The first blog is to use the Ghost blog program; built on the Hong Kong VPS, which has been using the theme of Weic
  • At that time, because there was no time and money to maintain the blog, it eventually led to the closure.
  • The second blog starts using the Typecho Blog program
  • The domain name problem caused the blog to be inaccessible for a long time.
  • The third blog used WordPressBlog program
  • Finally, this is now using the Typecho blog program, and purchased the HandSome theme.
  • Maintained to this day


  • The problem of blog speed is also solved by using Qi Niuyun.
  • Theme beautify Thanks to SimpleZero

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